18 March 2019

I am a Mother

I'm a mother
I am a mother
To all my friends' children
To all my students
To friends
To my husband
My parents
The plants in my balcony
The bamboos that gaurd this space
To the little pieces of art I make
To my food
To Rainbow Residence

I am a mother
To myself
To the adult I am
To the child in me
To menstruation blood
To the thought of a baby girl
To ideas unborn yet
Their buds nestled in my ovaries
My ovaries
Throb with life
My ovaries
Purr with energy
These ovaries
These ovaries
Are hugged by the Earth
I stomp my feet
I open these arms wide
May Mother, like thunder, strike
Shake me
Shower me
Infuse me
With her Earthy Breath
I embody Her
I am Her
I am Her
I am a mother
A mother I am
And I radiate
With my full existance

March 2019

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