02 October 2017


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They try to call you different names
They try to pretend
You don't happen
They call you dirty
They complain
You're a nuisance
But I
Look at your bright colours
Gushing down through this body, alive
I place my hands
Hugging my womb
Full of wonder
At tender awe
At this magical space implanted within me
My heart flutters with gratitude
My eyes water in honour
That every month
Hormones flow
The cycle of creation revolves
And my body
A vessel
A vehicle
Holy terrain
Not only witnesses it
But experiences it completely
In all its glory.
I say it.
I love my period.
I am honoured. My blood humbles me.
My graceful, dripping blood is evidence
Of how alive I am
My dripping blood is Nature's way
Of reminding me
I am Her and She is me
This blood
Is sacred
It is life

Amal - Oct 2017

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