19 October 2017

A Brave Woman

I am a brave, brave woman.
I have my fears. Sometimes they prevent me from doing certain things. Often they don't.
I am one of the bravest women I know.
I have the faith and strength to walk out of situations that no longer work, relationships that to longer inspire and let go of habits that no longer serve my health.
I am a brave woman.
I inspire myself.
I have the courage to speak up when I want to, and remain silent when it's the wiser choice to make.
I am brave.
Dozens have seen it in me before, I had never believed it to be true, but today, things changed.
I am no longer willing to hide behind deceptive thoughts. I'm fed up of giving in to the undermining voices within and outside my head.
Today, I embrace my truth.
I am brave.
I am courageous.
I am alive with life.
All is life.
And I embrace all. All of me.

Amal - Oct 2017

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