04 August 2017

To Sami

I don't understand
This grief
Like a puzzled child
Trying to find comfort-
A compassionate hug
In warm arms
That don't judge my mourn-
I can't fully grasp it
I probably
Don't need to

It is
What it is;
A river of tears
My heart is pouring
Out through the wells of my eyes
Down the valleys at my cheeks
Where they sit
And dry
To salt
And silence

It is
What it is;
A few memories
Of peeling mushrooms
Baskets hosting piles of pomegranates
Savouring French music from an old radio
Sharing old photos buried in dusty books
Rumbling a roll of strong words in a husky voice across your busy desk

I guess I loved you
And I felt your tender heart
Through all the uncertainty
I guess I loved you
Perhaps I saw into you
And in my heart
Though it didn't look so
You were my friend
And I loved you,
My friend

I still don't know
I cry
But I shall grieve you
And offer your memory
A delicate bundle of flowers
This is what it is.

August 2017

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