13 August 2017

No Rush

San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

No rush,
No rush,
Discard your map
Chuck away your plan
Dump your expectations
Slow down, slow down,
No rush,
You're on the golden path
Of nowhere to go.

No rush,
Pace your steps
Whatever your eyes fall upon
Whatever emotions infiltrate your fragile, tingling body
Whatever beds your weary feet
Whatever thoughts visit your delicate ears
Savour the tears, the laughs, the joys, the fears.

No rush,
Slow down
Inhale colours in all their shades
Let them melt in your mouth
On your skin
Between your cells
Till they fade
Into the next miracle
Of things that Be
No rush,
You're there
You're always here.

July 2017
This poem, which I was inspired to write one late night at San Sebastian, was showcased as part of the CoLab exhibition by Malja, Bahrain on 13 Aug 2017. To see the video made by Summer Ameen, my CoLab partner artist who also helped inspire this piece, click here.

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