23 August 2017

Wild Ego

Love me wild
Love me loud
Scream my name
Love me proud
Blast out
Your passion on all the walls
Speak up your words high and clear
Without unsettling doubt, no trace of fear
Drop this shyness you hide your love behind
Open your chest and boast with pride
Paint the skies in all my shooting colours
Unleash the primitive, untamed lover
Sing my song
Hum my tune
Flung open your chest
Howl at the moon
Love me with crave, with hunger, with lust
Love me with craze, make no sense if you must
Thirst for my waters like you desire your drugs
Enter me, immerse in me,
Saturate, intoxicate
And stay
Build your home in the light of my warmth
In the shade of my madness
And I
Will breathe
With you
Will rain on you
With magic
Till I melt
Into dust
Into mud
To where I came from

Aug 2017

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