02 August 2017

8 seconds

I won't wait much
For you to wonder
Whether it's a good idea
For you to come upstairs
Or not
My compromise was me suggesting
And there are 8 seconds to reply
There are 8 seconds to either jump in with enthusiasm
Or sulk in doubt
And I don't have much tolerance
For the uncertainty of doubt
A queen, master of my own bedroom,
Lioness of my lush den,
Wind beneath my very wings,
Captain of my tipsy ship,
Have little time to waste
Expecting expectations
Thirsting to be swept off my feet
Into a whirl of lustful passion
I have little time to waste
Widening a pair of eager eyes
Up towards you
Awaiting response.
In 8 seconds:
I can melt in my own eyes in the mirror
Lick my own wounds
Kiss my holy feet
In 8 seconds
I am reminded
I'm the one who loves me the most
And it's not just okay
It is a pleasure.

August 2017

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