04 February 2017


Do you have the courage
To loosen these mouldy ropes
That chain us to our minds
Do you dare chop them off?

Do you have the courage
To take a stroll with me
Along the edges of the valleys of my wounds
Do you dare
Stare at that rotting bitterness with me
And scatter jasmines and rosewater over it,
Cleanse it
Bless it?

Do you have the courage
To play with me
Do we dare
Swing from one game to another
Laugh at ourselves
Remind ourselves
How trivial we are
How much like monkeys we sway
How existence is futile, pointless, aimless,
How the best thing we can do
Is throw our heads back in laughter
In an act of rebellion
Ridicule the drama,
Laugh at the whole story!

Do we have the courage
To flung the doors of our hearts open
Do we dare
Receive the vast golden sun rays
Allow them to spread
Through our chests
In all directions
In all dimensions
Wash us over
Fill us with love
Nourish us with content

Do you dare
Be happy?

Do we dare

Do I dare
Just be?

Feb 2017/Dec2015

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