28 February 2017

Come Home

by Fletcher Prentice

Come home with me
A blueprint in my mind
A world of potential colours
A world of possible cuddles
Of passions and dreams and joyful tears

Come home
To that place we aspire to be
With every inhale filling our lungs with excitement
With every exhale spreading the joy of fantasizing

Come home
A bundle  of past flowers
Healing treasures from the present
Showers of gifts to pour

Come home
I will fill our bathtub with the garden petals
I will sprinkle lavender oil in the corners
I will skip and twirl as we dance in the kitchen
I will sing our childful morning song for you, with you, every morning
I will admire the sweet silence every afternoon
I will light a candle
Every evening,
Every night
To celebrate
The world of love
That is
Our home

Amal - 23 Feb 2017

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