23 September 2016

When I Surrendered to You


When I surrendered to you
I surrendered to the universe,
And here we are
In this place, these places,
The most beautiful versions
Of our divinity luminous selves.

There is much silence in here
I don’t have much to talk about
My tongue seems to only want to
As if it was born to do just so

And I..
I am a wave in the ocean that we are
That is..

And you..
You dance in your ways, with all that you are

I procrastinate in my sentences..
This present moment is profoundly compelling..
My words need not weave themselves into any fantasy
My imagination need not play
I don’t need to..
I don’t need to write a poem..
I have very little desire to do so
I observe, a witness to this..
I am the poem
You are the poem
We are divine poetry
And into the sparkling magic of poetry
We dissolve..
We surrender..

amal - Aug 2016

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