26 June 2016


Everything moves like waves of the sea. I love you, your eyes sparkle and gates of the heart flung open and you flood my existence with passion. We make love. I love you. You go. I go.
I miss you. We kiss. You go. I go. I miss you. We melt into an intoxicated cloud of instinctive love that recognises no boundaries.
I go. You go. I go. You go. I go. You go.
We go apart.
I love you still.
I miss you like hell.
I burst into a gush of tears. My heart weeps.
I love you. I miss you. We dance in my heart. I let you go.
I come back to myself.
This. Here. Now. My heart. This is my centre, my home, the only truth that is true.
I love you. I love me. I love all.
I be.
The waves pass.
The waves be.
Chaos be's. Calm be's. All be's.
I be.
I be.
I be.

amal - June 2016

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