30 August 2015

Being Bare

Let us gather all the hopeless love songs
All the dramatic hollywood chick flicks
All the fiery disney suspense
All the relationship advice piling in our ears
All the crimson valentine boxes
All the howling in late nights
All the assumptions that we will cry
All the fear of being rejected
All the pride of being accepted
All the longing to be cradled
All the horror of being abandoned
All the nausea
All the cries
All the walls
All the lies
All the noise, the hype, the clutter
Let us gather all that doesn’t matter
And throw it all
Into a burning dark hole
May it set on fire
May it burst into billions of billions of dust particles
May it shatter into a blazing unblinding light
Washing over our faces
May we be
Let us be
Let us stand raw, naked
And stare into the elaborate details
Of the barest versions of ourselves
A collision of vulnerability
May we illuminate each other
May we taste the sweetness of delving into one another
Let us be etherly subtle
Like streaks of the colour pink in the wind
Let us fill each other’s lungs and tongues with our scents
Breathing in peace
Breathing out love
Breathing in peace
Breathing out love
Breathing in peace
Breathing out love
And nothing but love.

Amal - Aug 2015

1 comment:

Hina said...

You send a shiver down me. You write beautifully and powerfully. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏💗🌻