17 May 2015

Epic Love

I am capable of epic love
Do you mind being a king?

My heart is grand
Valleys deep
Forests lush
And we sing between all hours and curves
My five voices and I
Does music make your heart chirp?

I am capable of epic love
My heart paints colours never seen
Sprinkles magic
Through my eyes
To your lips
Do you like sparks, sweet one?
With a hug, both our fiery chests
Shall melt into one flesh
Do you like heat?

Epic love
Does it scare you, my dear?
Does it stress your delicate mind
If I loved you more
If I sang a bit wider, deeper, sweeter
If I kissed your mouth further
If my senses melted in your being
And my tongue produced waves of poetry
Spreading across the pink sky
And the heat in my breasts
Anxious to caress you
Matched the warmth of earth
Would you turn your back
Or would you sink with me
In this surreal real reverie?

Amal - May 2015

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