09 March 2015

Ten Silent Thoughts in a Yoga Teacher's Head

Ever wondered what goes through your yoga teacher’s head while they're teaching? No? Well done, stay focused within.

However, if you’re curious, these are my Ten Silent Thoughts in a Yoga Teacher's Head from the front mat.

  1. What’s his/her name again? I can’t remember. Oh great we made eye contact, “flex your foot darling”.
  2. She looks like she’ll throw a block at me any minute. What’s that fuming look about? Does she not like the pose I just put them in? Ok, ok, her own journey, nothing is personal, let’s move on.
  3. Why does he always have to walk in 10 minutes late when I just started to get the students to ground. Maybe I should tell him the class starts at 4:50 henceforward.
  4. Oh hello butt crack! Would YOU find this a little awkward knowing I adjusted your Balasana looking at this deep valley?
  5. I wonder what she was thinking about when I said “close your eyes” three times and she still kept staring at my face.
  6. Should I adjust him manually? He looks conservative.
  7. Would she be offended if I chanted a mantra now? What about just an Om?
  8. Why, why can’t they fold their blankets neatly? Maybe we should give a special class on that.
  9. I really want to fart.
  10. So what shall I do now that they’re in Savasana?

Fellow yoga teachers, what goes through your heads?

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