05 August 2014

Ode to Heart

A bundle of light,
The centre of my universe,
My essence, my scent, my waves;
My sole mission in life
Is to let you Be

You are my mother, my baby, my playmate
My great teacher, my comic relief, my idol,
My blanket, my cave, my sun

Into the warmth of your womb I throw myself
Into the skies of your breath I soar
Into your wet soils I dive
Into your fire I vanish and resurrect

With you I die and live
I never die, and always live,
I throb by you, for you, through you, with you,
I bathe in your tears,
And live on your sweet nectar..

You humble me, melt me, ground me,
Spread me, plant me, flourish me,
Ever silent, ever beautiful,
You never fail to remind me
I am nothing but you

To you I bow
In love
In light
In peace
To you I bow
And surrender

Amal - Aug 2014

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