13 July 2014

It Would be Nice

It would be nice
To have a ring on my finger
A roof I own half of
A husband who’s a handy man
And two children who partially resemble him

It would be nice
To push a trolley in the supermarket every Friday
Cook dinner for four
Sleep in a double bed
Fight over the height of the shower head

It would be nice
To write “Mrs.” as I fill out an application form
To give mum a reason to shop in the kids section
To give baba new models to take photos of

It would be nice
To share naughty stories with my girlfriends
To inhale men’s perfume every morning
To pick our children up, squeeze them with a hug

It would be nice
It would look good in the dozens of photo frames
Spread across the lamp-lit house
Scented with lavender and coconut

It would be nice
It would feel safe
It would sound right
It would put an end to many family prayers
It would spare me a million nosy questions
It may even look normal in society’s eyes

Yet that dream is not mine
Those photo frames are for someone else's house
The lullabies are yet to be sung
And there’s no vacant space in this warm bed of mine

That dream is not mine
My feet are insatiably curious
And I just want to fly
I just want to fly!
I just want to fly
So just let me fly..

Amal - July 2014

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