04 February 2013

Hearting Myself

I love my soft narcissism. I often say, with pride, that, "I am the centre of my own universe". I realize how unique I am, and how normal and natural I am, and I love it.

On some mornings, though, I wake up with a "terrorist" in my head as Lucy Roberts beautifully put it to us in a workshop last month. Its voice appears even before I open my eyes in the morning, it tells me what I should be doing, it recalls when and what I had for dinner the night before, it tells me I'm fat. I open my eyes, and it looks at harshly in the mirror. I wash my face, it tells me I'll be late for work. I twist my hair, it says my hair is out of control.

The terrorist in my head is very mean to me. I am being very mean to me. It takes effort to be nice. It is easier to be mean, especially it times of unbalance. And it is exhausting. It is very, very exhausting to listen to these abusive remarks so clearly first thing in the morning, and indirectly throughout the day. I need a break. I need a space where these thoughts would know they are not welcome. I asked myself how, and the answer came my way.

Today, I found the Heart Yourself Campaign. The idea is basically to highlight a thing you love about yourself, write it on a heart-shaped paper and place it somewhere you'd see every day. It is a wonderful idea to celebrate Valentine's - by strengthening one's own unconditional love instead of awaiting love from others. I'm not sure what exactly to expect from this - will let you know how it goes.

Here are some pics:

This one's in my bedroom:

The leftover looked too pretty to throw away: 

 And the bathroom, where I spend a lot of time:

Your turn now :) Let's see your Heart Yourselves :)


Nabeel Tammam said...

Well done approach.
I liked it.

Mariam Abdulrahman said...

Such wonderful spirit as always Amoola. Inspirational! <3