13 July 2012

7 Things I Love Despite What People Say

It's been a while since I shared my heart online. Today I visit again, maybe because I got a vitamin D shot and am bursting with more life :)

Thought I'd start with things seven I love doing despite what people say:

  1. I love wearing my hair short, even though people say I should let it grow longer. It makes me feel fresh and more in touch with nature, air, the sun.
  2. I love being vegetarian, even though people say it's unnecessary and abnormal. It makes me feel calm inside.
  3. I love traveling alone, even though people find it boring. It makes me feel independent, strong, competent, responsible, calm and confident.
  4. I love spending Friday and Saturday afternoons alone with my book and some tea at sunny cafes, even though some people feel sorry for me. It calms me down after a hectic week, and provides the space I need to spend calm time with myself. I love how I am not afraid of that, yet open to it.
  5. I love the fact that I've been in a 5 year long distance relationship with my boyfriend, even though people find it abnormal that we have not yet gotten married. It provides me with even more assurance that we are strong as a couple. It also gives me some sense of comfort and liberty having that space for now.
  6. I love eating the same food for breakfast and lunch 5 times a week, even though my colleagues find it boring. I find it amazing that I can cook the same thing 5 times a week, eat it, and still find it interesting and enjoy every bite.
  7. I love spending late time at work from time to time, even though some people think it is unfair and that I am losing my soul. It provides me with a quick fix of the sense of accomplishment and professional success.
That's my quick list for today. It doesn't matter what people say. If what you do doesn't bother you, why should it bother them..?

Peace and love.

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