03 June 2011

Stupid Phone Calls

..some stupidity these days can provide comic relief if you don't allow it to hike up your blood pressure:

1. Calling the Salon:
Me: hi, is Irine back?
Receptionist: aaaaah maaaam she’s busy now
Me: it’s OK, I’m not coming now. I just wanted to know if Irine is back from her vacation.
Receptionist: maaam she has customer
Me: That’s ok! Can I take an appointment with her at 5:30 today?
Receptionist: no maaaaam she’s busy with customer
Me: OK but it’s 1 now, is she booked all day?
Receptionist: Irine half day today
Me: OK thanks.

2. Calling the restaurant:
Waiter: Hello good afternoon, this is Melanie, welcome to X how can I help you?
Me: Hi, I would like to place an order for take out please
Waiter: aaaah maaam sorry..
Me: [interrupting] yes I know you stopped delivering, I would like to order for take out. I will come take the food myself.
Waiter: aaah but we don’t have the…
Me: what, you don’t have take out plates?
Waiter: (confused) aaah you want take out.. where is your location?
Me: I’ll order for take out, you don’t need my location, I will come to you restaurant to pick up the food
Waiter: we cannot deliver to you..!
Me: I know
Waiter: hold on maam…. [I wait for a few moments, hear her talking to someone else].. hello mam, OK I’ll take your order.. first where is your location?
Me: you know what, I change my mind, I don’t want to order anything. Thank you.

3. With Supplier:
After producing thousands of copies that were supposed to be exactly like the sample from place X but were not, I call the supplier to investigate what happened:
Me: Hi, so about the copies, why didn’t you pick up the samples from X place and check them yourself?
Supplier: on Thursday there was a mistake done by the driver, I sent him to X place and he took the samples to Y place.
Me: but it was Tuesday, not Thursday. Thursday the job was done.
Supplier: ok Tuesday
Me: when you didn’t get the samples from the driver, didn’t you wonder where they went? Wasn’t that the whole point of sending the driver there?
Supplier: err I don’t know, I thought we were supposed to take them to place Y
Me: so it wasn’t the driver’s mistake
Supplier: (sighing really loud) no, it was my mistake, OK? What do you want me to do now?
Me: I’ll see.


fa6ma said...

lol.. good thing that you always manage to keep your composure :p Im way too hot-headed when it comes to sheer stupidity..

Meg V said...

Shout at them! SHOUT!