07 December 2010

..5 Great Inventions Waiting to Be Invented..

I wish someone would invent:
  • A Shut Up Machine: which you can point at loud/annoying people who you want to shut up
  • A Car Status Screen: (bf's brilliant idea) which you can place on the back of your car facing others, and it would display messages you want them to read, e.g. leave some space between us, there is no need to honk as soon as the lights go red because I have two eyes and I can see hence why I have a driving licence, fuck off, sorry, thank you, please bear with me, what's a horse doing in your back seat, etc..
  • A Mental Messaging System: which you can use to send mental messages to someone without the need for verbally expressing them. It would also have options like keeping sender anonymous and blocking incoming messages.
  • Mental Google: simple, if you want to google something, you just think about it and press the mental google button.
  • CTRL+Z, Food Edition: you can use it at a restaurant when what you're served is disappointing and you want to change the order to something better.


Meg said...

I would LOVE a food edition Ctrl+Z, actually even a foot-in-mouth edition would suffice.

Moe said...

Android based inventions, please!

I like the Car status screen, i have always wanted something like that!

your bf & I should work on inventing a fancy one :D!