06 November 2010

How To Raise Shallow Girls: Step 1 - Throw Them a Sparty

Sparty. Spa-party. As an adult I could hardly imagine sparing 2 hours of my time with a group of women at a party where the focus of the event is manicures, massages, facials and whatever it is that women do at beauty salons. I could hardly digest the idea of being at a women-only party for the sake of it in the first place, but that's a topic for another day.

I don't see the point in a sparty. And I definitely don't see the point in a children's sparty. As a matter of fact, it makes me furious.

What could a "sparty" possibly teach a child at an age where every little thing around them, forms their values, educates them and builds their personality? This is what it would teach them:
  1. Physical beauty is very important, and it has to be according to society's standards
  2. No matter how natural your body is, it is never beautiful enough. You have to always get treated at a beauty salon, use products and conform to the acceptable social beauty standards in order to be beautiful
  3. Pink = feminine
Imagine having THAT as an experience when you're as young as 3 years old (check out referenced article here). With that experience, along with all the sexist, stereotyping media messages that all children are exposed to, and all the verbal messages from parents and society.. what kind of progress do corporations claim to be practicing in terms of gender equality and empowering women..?

Such activities matter. While a sparty might look innocent and fun, and seem like a good chance for parents to keep their children busy (if they could afford it, that is), "fun" for a few hours could result in damage for years and years.


SoulSearch said...

Amazing what some people would do to show they can afford to keep their kids busy (so that they goa bout their own work) and look elegant while their at it. Its infuriating. Girls are the number 1 target for many products and so is this concept, nothing but yet another crappy Marketing ploy!!!
God help us all ...
BTW where is part 2!

Kanwalful said...

Wow. This is the first time I've heard of such a party. Are they common in Bahrain? I just moved here two months ago.

Anyway, nice blog but I can't read most of it because it's in arabic. =/

aMaL said...

hi, no they're not really common and are actually rare.. I feel the issue is mostly about business that exploit children and create sexists and shallow activities to entertain children, which affects them on the long run..

thanks for passing by and hope you learn Arabic while you're here, it's a beautiful language that shouldn't be missed :)