08 August 2010

"Israeli" Music in Bahrain

This is absolutely disgusting.

While trying to pick a new music CD, I came across "Israeli" music CD at Euphoria, Seef Mall, on Sat 7 Aug 2010. Yes. In Bahrain...!

I find this extremely offensive, as a Bahraini, as a Palestinian by heart, as an Arab and as a decent human being with a cause.

I also cannot fathom how the idiots at the Ministry of Commerce missed this. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO ACCEPT THE STATE OF "ISRAEL"!! For damn's sake, we are in a state of war against the Zionist cancer.

What is worse? I walk to the counter, where two ignorant expats work, who haven't been briefed by their money greedy employer on what this country is all about, and they don't have a single clue what I am talking about. No idea. I say I'll inform the ministry about it and they smile and so cold-heartedly say OK.

Where are we going with this? One day we have "Israeli" made tissues in our pharmacies, another day "Israeli" music is OK to listen to, next thing we know, we are asked to forget about Palestine, our dignity, the symbol that this land, our history, is ours. Not Zionist America's, not "Israel"s, not the capitalist pigs'.

1. Photos of the CD at Euphoria:

2. Link to the CD on its website: http://www.putumayo.com/en/catalog_item.php?album_id=250

..and as my Palestinian friend, Ibrahim, says, "la2, mesh 3adi.."

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