29 August 2010

..dream replies to annoying comments..

...what I really want to say to some extremely annoying people..

Annoying Comment:
you look like you've put on some weight/your belly is bigger!!
Dream Reply:
Really?! Thanks a lot for telling me, I thought maybe I was just plain pregnant. Now that I realize I do not look like an anorexic super model, I should just shoot myself, shouldn't I..? Nothing in life is worth living for if you're not super skinny.

Annoying Comment:
when will you and your boyfriend get married? It's about time...

Dream Reply: when are you planning to read a full real book? when will you regularly go to the gym? when will you fart next? when will you realize you have Virginitis and loosen up..?

Annoying Comment:
you're an alcoholic

Dream Reply: you're a fastfoodolic. And you have Virginitis.

Annoying Comment:
have you ever thought of straightening your hair? It's too curly.. your life will be easier..

Dream Reply: have you ever thought of how shallow are..?

Annoying Comment:
fasting is good for health, you should try it..

Dream Reply: minding your own business is good for your health, you should try it..

Annoying Comment
: you're too radical

Dream Reply: your ass is too tight

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amna said...


Love it, I'm dying to have all these conversations in real life.