14 September 2009

On Bahraini Blogging & Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression in this country has been drastically declining, and here is the evidence from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (which is ironically blocked in Bahrain!), try accessing it here.

The blogging scene, which was in its peak of activity and freedom just 3 years ago, has been affected too. There have been discussions on the same online, you can check the blogs emoodz and Mahmood's Den for more information.

The reasons are many, and without popper research we wouldn't know whether this happened because of the rise of use of addictive social networking sites, the decline in freedom of expression in this country or simply because Mahmood, "The Godfather" almost stopped blogging. It most probably is because of all these reasons combined, but that is not my concern today.

I found myself post a comment on a recent political topic online, then deleted it seconds later, wondering if I'll get in trouble for publicly stating my opinion. I am now ashamed of myself for doing that.

So do we speak up regardless of the chains that surround us? Despite the easiness of writing a facebook note? Do we still speak, but diplomatically, shyly, like some do? Or do we keep it to ourselves and walk close to the wall repeating "الحيط الحيط ويا ربي الستر" like sheep, afraid of what Big Brother might do to us?

What do we do? And until when do we do it? Do we, as usual, wait literally forever for them to give us liberty on a golden platter, and are we that foolish, are we that passive? Or do we scream high phrases of rebellion without pacticing what we preach?

When you are 60 and you look back at your life, how do you want to see yourself? As a coward who surrendered to the unjust rules of this time, or as a hero?

It is a matter of choice. And it is a matter of self respect.

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Manaf said...

i really admire your enthusiasm and your will to make a difference. that's something we, today's generation, lack. i think freedom of speech is something sacred and should be protect from suppression and abuse.
keep up the good work. we WILL have a better tomorrow.