20 July 2009


I went on a disastrous vacation last month. It was so disastrous that the worse matters became, the funnier I found the vacation overall. When I had had enough, fearing it would get seriously damaging, I cut my vacation short and came back to Bahrain, spending the few days before I went back to work meditating and contemplating the shock those 10 days were.

In order not to sink into that level of negativity again, I made a decision to try my best to maintain a high level of positivity and optimism. Which I began to practice immediately, starting with yoga, herbs and dead-sea bath salts to calm my stressed mind, to walking away from negative people, to accepting negative comments with a laugh, and spreading positive thought and energy generously to my surroundings.

It worked perfectly fine for me. But let me tell you this. One does not begin to realize how much negativity there is in this world until they see it (the world) with positive eyes. People, at least maybe in this part of the world, I wholeheartedly say, are allergic to positivity. Well of course, isn’t surrendering to laziness, failure, misery and moaning about it, the easier option? Doesn’t it take less effort to maintain the status quo than to make a constructive change?

And although it is entirely up to people to choose to be happy or not, no one has the right to destructively walk around spreading bad energy, reeking of negativity, blurting out spears of insensitive words left and right.

As human beings, we are all entitled to low times every now and then, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit. Negative people are annoying, lazy, selfish naggers, who suck the life out of everyone and everything around them. Yes, even animals and plants can sense that –and they die.

When you’re positive, not only does it keep your body and mind fresh and healthy, not only does it touch the hearts of everyone around you, but it also makes you a happy, stable, successful person.

So unfrown those eyebrows. Shake the stress away. Spread that beautiful smile. Lighten up. Shine onto the world. You’re beautiful!

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