20 April 2009

So many people will cry tonight

So many people will cry tonight. Families will cry tonight. Not necessarily because they are incompetent, not necessarily because they didn’t invest in their chances wisely, nor because they have sinned.

They will cry because the greedy capitalist machine knows no human soul. They will cry because “corporate citizens” only know one word; profit. They will cry because in the eyes of the world’s bloody handed monsters they are merely a number. Nothing more than a number. Nothing less than a number. A number that equals time equals money.

Their names do not matter. Their families are fictional. The fires of hell they are about to be thrown into are of no concern. The dreams they had built, their aspirations, their trust are but rosy fantasies.

So many people will cry tonight. So many people will cry tomorrow. So many tears will shed, and so many households will be wrecked until the corporate machine is dismantled and crushed.


ammaro said...

deep.. what happened on the 20th...

SoulSearch said...

Capitalism was created for the 1% who want to control the rest of the world for their own pleasure. Hail Socialism!