29 March 2009

Wake Up and Smell The Stench

What is happening? Did someone read Nineteen Eighty-Four and thought, “oh, seems like an excellent idea, lets try it here and see if it works!”

Because, the ever-so-concerned parliament is drooling over its proposal to ban alcohol everywhere in the country (they hadn’t succeeded in neither solving poverty nor, their favourite topic, terminating prostitution). What’s next? Covering women up in burqas and public execution of shaved men in football stadiums? What happened to the Island of tolerance and diversity?

Every village in this country has turned into a war zone between frustrated brainwashed youth and savage dramatic gunmen. Walls are covered in black, there are remains of burnt rubber in every corner, speakers are louder than ever and helicopters crackle around day and night, warning those who survived the nineties that they might not be lucky enough to survive this decade. We are constantly in a state of war.

Affordable, let alone free, leisure is nonexistent. Children are now playing stupidifying electronic games in malls instead of running around a grassy playground or looking for squids and shells by the beach. Sightseeing means looking at big neon-buildings and exploring new malls, instead of visiting mystic wells, remote islands and traditional houses. There is no stimulation of the brains of the people whatsoever. These poor creatures are being molded into succumbing zombies.

And, the most disgraceful project out of many, the TRA is about to issue a law that permits Big Brother to monitor every electronic means of self expression. Great, so now we have the good old fashioned agents on the ground and modern technologically advanced agents in the cyber world.

These are only few of the rotten attempts of surveillance, repression and control. Soon enough we will be witnessing the real, ugly face of the Orwellian nightmare right here in our own country. If we do not wake up and smell the stench, that is.

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Noof said...

so trueeeee unfortunately all the shouting and screaming is falling on deaf ears. Since i came back ive been feeling dumber and dumber as the days go by the future is as bright as our neon lights :)