20 January 2008

..i am nothing..

I am nothing
There are a million clouds more than the twenty above my head
There are more countless stars than the ten I see
There are millions of fingers swinging lit cigarettes
Beside the one between mine

I am nothing
There are bitterer tears in the world
Redder eyes
Deeper wounds
Paler faces
Dryer throats
More mortifying fears
More perplexing confusions
More futures unclear
More absurd delusions

I am nothing
The blue floor
The blue fire
The blue longing for my lover
And the blue haze
Evaporate amid wailing cries
And mute agonies

I am nothing
And that makes me free

1 comment:

ammaro said...

most people think they're something great, and deny the reality that their existence is infact, a tiny spec in this universe.

but yes, the feeling of freedom that comes along with not having any weight or responsibility, that's great too...