10 December 2007

..sur la bibliothèque..

This is a very lame post, I even won’t be surprised if it’s Chickspenned.

Determined to prepare well for my final French exam tomorrow tonight, I decided that my comfy squealing bed shall under no circumstances be suitable to serve as a desk anymore. Costa Coffee’s miniature table was out of question as it could not hug all my notebooks and books. Hence my search for a decent library began, and due to the scarcity of serious readers around me on the Island, little feedback did I get.

And so I carried a bag filled with studying material and drove to Isa Town’s pubic library. Entered, asked the seeds-covered-faced librarian about the procedures and walked to the furthest corner in the house, sat with my back to very few public and scattered my French papers on the table, and I began..

I had enjoyed a good 30 minutes of comprehending, memorizing and note-taking when I had my first sneeze, leaving me dry and sore.
And my nose began to run. My face got all itchy. Another sneeze. My ears started to itch.
Damn it.
I’m allergic to the public library. Literally. Must’ve been the moquette and old papers.
Then a headache conquered me, and a big neon flashing *get out of here* began to throb before me.

And off to Costa Coffee I drove, sat next to my Skinny Caramel Latte and managed to study the rest of what I had. Nevertheless, I am determined to find a decent place to read and study in this country.

It is impossible that such a place doesn’t exist.

Or not?


Issam said...

there is nothing like home ..

SoulSearch said...

Felt the same way during exams back in uni. No decent libraries around...The one at UOB was good, but I was used to the Isa Town campus library back in my engineering days. The Sakhir campus one is alright, but I guess its only for UoB students.
Good Luck

Ahmed said...

Usually studying at home is out of the question, especially at university or post-graduate levels, so I've had to move from one coffee shop to another over the years that passed.

Frankly Amal, simply drive along the coffee shops in Adliya during the times when you'd usually study and figure out which one is the quietest, you'd need to find more than one, as sometimes you get noisy people in there.

I think Friends is usually quiet at times, the owner is always there and she's always nice enough to talk to about people who are a little noisy (which is quite rare anyway).

Friends has wifi too, so you could also bring along your laptop if you wish.

Costa is definitely a no no, too noisy.

On the other hand, I'm working in Jeddah now, and the choices over here are far more limited than yours!