13 November 2007

Laa2: Against Making The Poor Poorer

A group of activists launched the campaign "Laa2" ("No" in Arabic) against the elevating prices in Jordan. This campaign was the latest after a multiplying chain of strikes and demonstrations against worsening working conditions and increasing taxes and prices in Jordan, the recent of which is the 25% price increase on all dairy products.

A 25% increase on all dairy products means an extra 30% profit for the owners of big factories. Since fresh milk cannot be stored for more than one day, this leaves farmers under the mercy of factories, selling them milk at low prices. Fortunately, small factories can still manage to produce and sell dairy products at relatively lower prices.

Laa2's first physical stand shall be during the week of 16-23 November 2007, calling for the people of Jordan to boycott dairy products for the sake of their "children, for their houses and for their pockets". As mentioned in the campaign's promotional flier, people can stop their dairy intake for one week without it affecting their health nor nutrition. They can also still purchase the products from small factories and their distributors.

The flier also reads, "Laa2 is against the increase of prices of oil, bread and main goods as well as university fees and commercializing education. Laa2 is against the absence of the government's role in economy and the market's chaos. It is against the illegal sale of natural resources. It is against careless treatments to people's souls as happened in Baqa'a, Al Mafrag and Sakib. Laa2 is against turning our beloved country into a free zone."

"This campaign has started with boycotting dairy companies," said an active member from JCP, "which only care about their profit, regardless of the bad consequences on people's living."

He continues, "unfortunately the majority of Jordanians don't believe in themselves. They do not believe they can make a change.

"This campaign should be just a start against the economic strategy that the government is following since the uprise of 1989."

Laa2 was initiated by the youth of Jordanian Communist Party and Jordanian Communist Toilers Party.

Fore more info please contact Laa2 on info (at) Laa2 (dot) info.

Link to official website: http://laa2.info


ammaro.com said...

Inflation is a normal effect of capitalistic economies, and theres not really much of a way around it. By asking the companies to keep their prices down, youre actually asking them to cut their profits, and perhaps take some losses, too. This doesnt make it very feasible for them to do business. Global costs rise, which are passed onto the consumer. The companies arent really getting any richer because of this.

What should be done is finding a means to improve peoples incomes. Life isnt stable; prices will always rise, so if incomes dont rise, staying at the same level means you get poorer by the day.

Anyhow; on a different from this point - i had a dream last night and you were in it. it was really wierd. you looked like the little cartoon of the girl with the dizzy eyes and fuzzy hair, we were in a big bus, me, you, a bunch of other people i know, and some guy who was actually a radioactive bomb. You ended up getting killed somehow. probably the freakiest dream ive had in a while.

amal said...

off topic:
very freaky being dreamed of by strangers

the rest I'd like other readers to comment on :)

Jelly Jealous said...

Hey! pick someone else to dream of!

ammaro.com said...

i dont think you get it. serioulsy, it was like some freaky twisted death scene, like something outta final destination.

i suggest you be very careful.

ammaro.com said...

especially when riding buses.

SoulSearch said...

off the topic of ammaro's freaky dreams, Lebanon has started a similar campaign called "Khalas" meaning more or less the same thing, "enough", as people have seriously had enough of the politial instability in the country. In a nutshell, a president of Lebanon has to be elected or all hell will break loose.
Why do Arab governements continue to be pains in the behind? They're elected to lead instead they make their countries bleed! Sad, sad situation.
Peace to all,

Anonymous said...

Interesting, so how about you wake up now and start living in Bahrain for a change?

amal said...

SS: darling Lebanon is one of the very few countries with seemingly "real" elections, though there is no doubt that corruption and manipulation affect the results..

Anon: ..and how about you read between the lines and look at this from another point of view?

For Bahrain, this post was mainly meant to be inspirational, or need I spoonfeed this too?