10 October 2007

Do you crave fire?

My palms are glowing with heat
My fingers weary of movement
This heat lingers strangely
Yet so familiarly
It never was me before
But always there
Behind the curtains
On the stage
This heat shall burn the papers
I shall burn the papers
I will burn the bedsheets
I will burn the walls and the windows
And the smoke shall fill my lungs
And the flames shall crawl sleazily under my throat
And I shall suffocate
And I shall burst in flames
And I shall burn for I again
I shall erupt despite the Chain
And burst
And break
And free my veins
Flame by flame
Flame by flame..

9th Oct 2007


Mufeeziya said...

Emotive and mesmerizing..


Diva said...

powerful poem..

Thanks for commenting on my blog..
to answer you back :

amal.. I'm sure that the person gave it to you neglected to tell you 1 important thing : it needs to be cleaned with drops of water every now & then to clean off the dust & then It sticks perfectly again :) Try it & let me know..Enjoy

ammaro.com said...

wow, guweya...

i like it