03 July 2007


Elaborating on my previous post:

noun: a feeling of apprehensiveness and uncertainty : lack of assurance or stability
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary

It has always stricken me as outrageous how many people are oblivious to their insecurities. This often neglected feeling controls the behaviour of so many people. We are all born, and will always have, insecurities, but when they take control over our lives, it’s nothing but pathetic.

During one’s teenage years, it is perfectly normal to be characterized as insecure and unconfident. We all made complete fools of ourselves during our teen years, we don’t even dare look at, let alone share, our photos from that disgraceful era. However that’s as far as we’re allowed to go. Being an adult requires a certain level of self confidence in order to maintain healthy relationships with people, develop and discover oneself as well as have a successful and peaceful life.

Below are forms of insecurity that we face every day, which are mentioned for the mere sake of realizing that the plague infecting people is nothing to be ignored:

  • Arrogance: This is an easy one. You think you’re worth nothing, so you shield yourself from criticism by wearing the arrogant cape because you feel you’re too weak and subject to constant attack.
  • Extreme shyness: Somewhat the opposite of arrogance, yet done with less bravery. You shut down reception to people’s interactions for fear of being hurt.
  • Phobia of commitment: This does not apply to love relationships alone, but to various commitments as well, including work and social relationships.
  • Excessive dieting and obsession with physical appearance
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Rigidness and lack of flexibility
  • Lying
  • Avoiding the past
  • Feeling the need to constantly justify one’s actions
  • Taking sarcasm and jokes personally
  • Waging war over critics
  • Fear and avoidance of strong personalities
  • Perusing material gains to satisfy self emotionally
  • Hypocrisy
  • Other..

So is the whole nation infected with this disease? No, it’s not THAT severe. Yet there is lack of awareness when it comes to insecurity.

Moreover, it is essential to avoid misinterpretations of others behaviours. Wonder why your boss is being an asshole? Why your boyfriend dumped you without prior notice? Why your girlfriend is being too needy even though she is NOT pmsing? Why your friend is mad at you for being honest? Think twice before you decide they’re just “bad” people. There’s probably a specific reason behind how they act. They most probably are insecure.

You are insecure too when it comes to several things. It greatly effects your actions and reactions. It shows. That’s why you need to realize when and why you’re insecure, make peace with it, and try to control it. Everyone is born with inner beauty. Let that human beauty in you shine with strength and pride.


Mufeeeziya said...

"The regrettable thing about insecurity is how dearly everyone else pays for it."
Yahia Lababidi

I read this a few weeks ago, it made me realize that being insecure effects your life as well as people you care about, that definitely helps oppress insecurities.

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H. said...

Throughout my university years, I've had one idea that's been pushed by my psychology lecturers into my head over and over again, just in case I do not get it the first time.

It is that (if I'd put it in my own words), everything preserves its existence for it to serve its function.

Insecurity can be seen as to exist for it to serve its function (which would paradoxically be to perish). And, through a cycle of developing and diminishing insecurities, we contribute to the characteristic of our personality.

My interpretation of it, at least..

Ammar456 said...

interesting... good read, thanks

Anonymous said...

I hate people in this country because they're at least one thing in that list of yours.

real eye opener! *standing ovation*

aMaL said...

hehe thanks guys..
and h., i can see where you're going :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Amal,

Happy that my saying was of some small help to you.

Here's another. The better we know ourselves -who we are, and what we want- the less likely we are to hurt others.

Good day,