17 July 2007

85 Reasons to be Proud of Bahrain

In response to Mohammed’s insulting attempt to list 85 reasons to nag about Bahrain, kindly allow me to share 85 reasons to love this country:

  1. We’re ancestors of the ancient Dilmun civilization
  2. We live on ISLANDS!
  3. You see the sea every day
  4. Sun and warmth. Healthy for the skin!
  5. Sun, keeps you hyper
  6. Most Bahrainis are polite
  7. Most Bahrainis are kind
  8. Bahrainis are relatively tolerant when compared to neighboring societies
  9. Khalid Al Shaikh’s Safer, Na3am Na3am & 3ainaki
  10. Paintings on the wall around Ein Athari
  11. Cruises in Sakheer
  12. Beit Seyadi in Muharraq
  13. Trips to the National Museum
  14. Reading peacefully at Costa Coffee
  15. Bumping into old friends so often
  16. Availability of alcohol
  17. Non-smoking zones
  18. 50-Minute flights to and from Dubai, 5 times a day, on Gulf Air
  19. Multiculturalism
  20. Social Diversity
  21. Diversity in beliefs
  22. Awareness and interest in global issues
  23. Clean roads
  24. Free education up to 12th grade
  25. Enjoying a history in political activeness
  26. Samboosa 7ilwa
  27. Rangeena
  28. The Sandoog LiMbayyat
  29. Civilized driving manners
  30. Families living maximum 20-mins drive away
  31. Crazy random signs at Soog il Manama
  32. Cinema tickets, rarely sold out even on weekends
  33. The beachy feeling that enables you to wear jeans and slippers even at a posh restaurant at a 5 star hotel.
  34. Fresh, quiet and peaceful breakfasts on weekends
  35. Beaches! Waves! Sunbathing!
  36. Seef Mall
  37. MTC-VF
  38. Jawad Supermarket
  39. Nasser Pharmacy
  40. Sitra Mall
  41. Having coffee/dinner at the Bahrain International Airport even if you’re not flying
  42. Bahrain Fort
  43. Tree of Life
  44. Barbar Temples
  45. Aali’s 6000 year old Burial Mounds
  46. Al Areen Wildlife Park
  47. The Bahrain International Circuit
  48. Arad Fort, and how Fairuz sang there and Majda Al Roumy filmed her clip “Ana 3am Ba7lam” there!
  49. Awali, and how cute it is
  50. Manama, how deep it is
  51. Fine Dining, excellent food and exquisite service at restaurants
  52. Cafes in Adleya, which aren’t just cafes..
  53. Green Budaya
  54. Seef mall packed with children on Saturdays
  55. Spring of Culture
  56. Dates, especially 5la9
  57. The fact that most people who visit Bahrain fall madly in love with it
  58. Crows, everywhere
  59. Dilmun Cats
  60. Dilmun Seals
  61. Funny names of the gazillion villages around Budaya Highway (Jannoosan, il Megsha3, Bu 9aibe3, etc..)
  62. Passionate love for Palestine
  63. You pay 1% for insurance against unemployment a form social cooperation
  64. Most Bahrainis know at least a few words in English, Urdu and Farisi. Funky.
  65. Your hands don’t get chopped off when you steal
  66. Our parliament serves to entertain us
  67. The GDN offers daily doses of comic relief
  68. Bahrain TV is unwatchable, this giving us a chance to be exposed to OTHER channels and other cultures
  70. The Country Club’s 5 Bars
  71. Birds singing out of my window at 4:39 am
  72. Cheap mobile tariffs
  73. Sale, all year long
  74. Fizzy drinks STILL cost 100 fils
  75. The bizarre Bahraini proverbs, like, “il nas fi zilzala wil 3aroos dobbi rajil”
  76. Free Wifi in Costa Café
  77. Walkways all around the country. Now no one has an excuse
  78. The growing number of children parks in residential areas
  79. Ramiz, Soog il Maga9ee9, Soog il Irani, Last Chance, and other bargain shops
  80. Work can’t be more than a 20 mins drive away from home. Traffic jams my ass.
  81. Hospitals and clinics are EVERYWHERE
  82. Il Ward il M7amedi, Razji, Jasmine, Knar, Trinj and Bambar
  83. Burger Land’s best shawarma on Earth
  84. Laid back and peaceful weekends
  85. The fact that I can list 85 reasons why I love Bahrain in 20 minutes only


flymenian said...

True I agree there is too many reasons to be a proud Bahraini, but why do you think that we get offended when anyone else makes fun or nag about our country??


Mufeeziya said...

I absolutely love my country with ALL its imperfections!

بلادي وإن جارت علي عزيزة
وقومي وإن ضنوا علي كرام

My favorites were numbers 26, 27 & 28! I couldn't help but laugh & forward it to my sister!

Lovely post and keep up the good work. This country definitely needs attentiveness & commitment not abhorrence!


Anonymous said...

khobooz oo jubin from the khabbaz hahahahahah LOVE THIS POST hahahah

NooNOo said...

You don't have to post some list of how proud you are of your country.. actually you don't “need” to.. coz you won’t be fair enough to that caring mother.. it's there in your heart.. in your blood.. in each breathe.. a love that words can’t explain.. it’s the feeling of being home.. and if some jerk nagged about it or even insulted it, then it's his/her problem and such people don’t deserve to be called citizens of that country, they don’t even deserve to stay there.. after all citizenship and loyalty are not things proved by the passport you hold, but by the love you carry in your heart to a certain piece of land and how much you are grateful to that land no matter how little it gives you.. a home that might be just a piece of land for “someone” but that same piece of land means the world to you.. and if there is one name to call those abusers(yes abusers) that would be alilin asel!

Actually everybody should stop for a while and ask him/herself “what have I afforded this country?” before complaining about how awful it is!!

Jesso said...

I can only think of 7 more, and they are more than enough for me!

1- demolishing roundabouts one by one
2- free healthcare
3- no fear of getting caught downloading songs or movies "illegally"
4- 7alwa and 5anfaroosh
5- palm trees
6- mild winters (like a fall/spring combo)
7- laid back atmosphere compared to other GCC countries

samoora said...

i totally agree with the 85 reasons..
في كل مره اسافر آحب بلدي اكثر واكثر، وعمري ماحسيت بالامان والحب الا في بلدي، فيها الطيبه اللي مو موجوده في اي مكان ثاني

بغض النظر عن اي سلبيات ثانيه تظل هي بلدي وإيجابياتها اكثر من سلبياتها
Amola , thank you for refreshing this kind of love in our hearts

Ammar456 said...

Nice post; a few replies to some of the points, and don't take this as an attack :p

**We live on ISLANDS!

Umm... yeah, like islands with no beaches

**You see the sea every day

Again, no, unless you call seeing half a buried swamp while crossing Sitra Bridge the sea

**Sun and warmth. Healthy for the skin!

Hehe... this makes me laugh... healthy, lol

**Our parliament serves to entertain us

YES THEY DO MY FRIEND! yes they do...

**Walkways all around the country. Now no one has an excuse

Except, oh its too hot, oh im too lazy, oh i have to meet some friends for lunch, dinner, work, etc... somehow our ppl love to make excuses... sigh

but good post. seriously :)

Anonymous said...

86. enTaiFah & her lovely blog

Nasrawi said...

bayd allah wajhich!

Like the list lots! And Ba7rain too!


Ayman said...

Very nice post. I am missing Bahrain, and all of the good things you listed. Now that I'm in KSA, here are a few things I may really miss:
1. People know how to drive, and how to "use" a roundabout. Check this out,
2. No closing of everything during prayer times.
3. I can actually try on clothes before buying them. So can my wife.
4. My wife does not need abaya everywhere
5. No separate places for families and indivisuals
6. I can ask my wife to drive
7. Internet service does work, most of the time
8. Debit / Credit Cards work all the time on POS machines
9. You can see many different people everywhere, not just Black Abaya or White Thobes.
10. Monsoon, and Lilo

aMaL said...

I'm delighted this post served it's main purpose; shedding light on the often-neglected classic full half of the glass..

Thank you all for your comments, and please do add to the list!

exclamation mark said...

Well I don't disagree with you neither with moodz ...

But what moodz had mentioned affect our lives more than what you've mentioned ...

amal said...

it's easier to succumb to drama than to to go an extra mile with optimism..
life is balanced and relative, reality only exists in the eye of the beholder..

amal said...

**its main purpose

Anonymous said...

The food! Come on I've been in the US two months and already i miss the food, we get the best stuff from across the world both east and west. Bahrain is quiet and piece full, forget all the politics, thats always gonna be an issue no matter where u live.

The reason we all nag and nit pick at out little island is because we love it so much.

Zainal said...

the positive moola :)

..G.. said...


hahahhaa i just had a huge smile on my face reading each and every part of it... frankly i cant say which ones are my faves cos all of em are!

gurl keep going at it!!

mwa mwa mwa

amal said...

haha every time someone says they love this post, i feel like the queen of hearts for some reason :p

Thanks, G ;)

..G.. said...

Dont think that you are, You already are sweetie pie!!


Sunshine said...

haha, that was a refreshing post..
u get so used to people complaining about bahrain sometimes!
love it :)