26 June 2007

Working Under the Sunً

I think this piece of news made my day. Although I suffer from mild pessimism regarding alleged reforms in this country, the below mentioned decree is an indicator of some existing hope:

"أصدر وزير العمل مجيد العلوي قراراً بشأن منع تشغيل العمال في قطاع الإنشاءات تحت الشمس وفي الأماكن المكشوفة في الفترة ما بين 12 ظهراً والرابعة عصراً خلال الصيف"
"A ban on outdoor work during the hottest hours of the day in July and August came into effect yesterday, following a decree issued by Labour Minister Dr Majeed Al Alawi."

I'm also ecstatic about the ban of smoking inside Bahraini malls; to breathe fresh clean air is everyone's right. Though still don't understand why it's allowed in Al Bandaira cafe.

This country is a mess, but I guess things are happening, at an extremely tedious and slow pace nonetheless.

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