13 June 2007

..To Fellow Atheists and the Lot..

Who’s grabbing us? Are we as independent and as objective as we claim to be? Many of us spend decades attempting to discover what our inner nature is, so is it worth it? Is it possible that what we look for changes constantly and therefore is ungraspable?

In a world where the truth can simply be whatever you wish, whenever you wish it to Be, is it only the primitive survival instinct through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that keep us going?

Could humanity be the biggest farce in history? Is it possible that we constantly create matters of great importance to occupy ourselves and compensate for the nonexistence of an objective? All are the rules, analysis, dreams and stories merely tools of amusement and distraction from the eternally unanswerable?

In a world so beautiful and vibrant, in a world so corrupt and full of suffering and injustice, one can’t help but pay attention to what’s obviously evident; the loop’s starting point: chaos. Chaos is what spices up one’s freedom. It’s the door to ultimate liberty, and the route to utter loss.



Ali Al Saeed said...

We can spend a life time trying to make sense of this world, and we wouldn't even scratch the surface. The only thing I know is that we are built that way, it is the strongest element that binds us as a race and a specie, even as indivisuals.

Why do we feel the need to know "why"? Why can't we just be?

aMaL said...

We can't "just be" because this is the very thing that makes us human beings. It's not how compassionate we can be, nor that we build shelters for ourselves, it's the advanced sense of curiosity.
Animals "just be", and our primitive side is the one that urges us to act in that certain way..
It's the human inside us who's so curious. It's the human inside us in search of logic.

The Joker said...

Monkies are curious also ;)

I didn't really understand this post.. I only know one thing.. my biggest fear is that someone decides to "clean my clock" because of what I believe in, or in this case, not believe in.

- Joker

aMaL said...

what a cruel creature that would be, the one who judges you, especially irregardless to your intentions..
what a pitiful world we live in, where people are fear-driven more than they imagine..