24 June 2007

Newsflash on Ex-Girlfriends & Ex-Boyfriends

Here are quick 5 points that you may want to take into consideration to make so many people's lives easier:
  1. Your ex is not your personal property.Your ex, as result of your breakup, is naturally going to see other people.
  2. Get over your ex and move on with your life. It's beautiful to remember the precious shared times, but extremely pathetic to cling to them hopelessly. As clich├ęd as it may sound: there are other fish in the sea.
  3. Cleanse your soul from resentment and bitterness.
  4. Respect yourself. Remember your dignity.
  5. Get laid. It helps you to move on.


Mohammed Zainal said...

true , but i always tried to be a good friend to my ex-es ...

so who has been annoying you :D

Anonymous said...

amal, yea, whose pissing you off?! but its ALL true btw

mohammed, does that really work? isn't it hard being friends with an ex?

aMaL said...

of course, there's nothing like maintaining a healthy and mature relationship with one's ex.. i mean, why bother be in a relationship in the first place if you're not ready to face your life without it later on?
so, I personally find it very easy being friends with my ex(es).

and about who's been annoying me, they know who they are, and it's all what matters..

Ammar456 said...

haha, direct and straight to the point, lol

Mohammed Zainal said...

umm faceless yes it actually worked , probably not everyone can handle that , but if both couples agreed that they should breakup for a good reason , i dont see why they cant be friends unless if they still have feelings for each other ... kinda hard to handle that ...

time passes by , by the time we understand that life aint just sex love nor talks , its way deeper , true friendships lasts .

at least that what "me" thinks =\

Costa-guy said...

5. Get laid. It helps you to move on.

hehehehe.. Anyone offering?

I'll try doing that while remembering #4:

4. Respect yourself. Remember your dignity.


The Joker said...

In real life, unlike TV sitcoms, staying friends with your ex is a stupid idea.

Its like the southern idiots in the US that reenact the civil war every year.. who wants to live through something they lost?!

aMaL said...

You see, joker, the secret is in being strong and confident enough make peace with the past..
I think it is very healthy, as long as there is a mutual level of respect and maturity..