22 June 2007

George Carlin on Religion

i love this guy!


Anonymous said...

seriously.. i know he was trying to make it funny but he's right.. i mean no disrespect to anyone, but I seriously think about everything he mentioned. i mean i've always questioned these things but i don't always say them out loud. (cuz some people will condemn me to the deepest pits of hell if they heard me)

aMaL said...

The judgment of those insecure enough that they feel that criticism and freedom of thought can affect the structure of their belief does not matter.
No one in this world has the right to punish people for their ideas.

Mohammed Zainal said...

People might not find this funny because its religion he's talking about ... but i giggled specially this part .

fire ,smoke, burning ,suffering ,choke ,burn ,scream and cry ...
but he loves you ...

Costa-guy said...

hehe.. it made me smile, but it was obvious he was trying to sell the show while mentioning some points.

Philosphically speaking, religion can argue all his points in a very deep-philosphical way. Some points he mentioned were very shallow.

The problem with religion is that those who consider themselves as advocates or guardians do not fully-understand religion itself and do harm its image rather than defend it.

When it comes to Science vs. Religion in our community (and even the west) then it's not a matter of insecurity, it's a matter of freedom of thought.

People have the right to think whatever they want, believe, not believe, believe not to believe, deny, don't give a crap but they should (listen)!

People should be more open to discuss such ideas just like the West, instead of each group making laughs at the other group without trying to discuss the ideas.

Our problem in our community is that discussing ideas will end-up killing each other if we happen to have 2 groups disagree.

Ahmed said...

I had these ideas for years, I read tens and tens of books, went to plenty of mullas, and nothing made sense. I prayed, followed every word, and nothing, I felt absolutely nothing.

After changing from a 'perceived' religious person to a very open minded one, where i argue every possible point out, my 'perceived' religious friends, alienated me!

It hurt, until I saw a couple at a bar a few months ago, drunk as hell!

funny, they begged me not to tell all the other 'perceived' religious friends.

My conclusion on all of this, is that religion, as everything else in this life, is a simple perception of how you'd wish your world to be. in other words, its our answer to everything that is wrong or not happening in our life because we gave up hope and lost our sense of direction. As amal said, its a result of our insecurity.

aMaL said...

costa, I strongly believe it's a matter of insecurity, or else they religious fucks in saudi wouldn't have ever felt the need to come up with the so-called religious punishments that are inhumanely being applied up until this second in 2007..
Therefore, I do agree with you that people need to discuss such sensitive matters more openly in order to react to and act about them healthily..

ahmed, was very happy reading your comment.. please don't be a stranger :)