24 May 2007


A Recurring nightmare:
“He left one day and never returned.
He didn’t answer any calls
Didn’t reply to any words
He didn’t hear my thudding knocks on his wet door
Didn’t see me weeping at his doorstep
He never returned”

A near memory:
“I woke up one hot Saturday morning

Found my head on his thighs

His fingers dancing with my curls

His smiling face dropping pink and yellow daisies

On mine

I thought I would never touch him again

I did.”

A Fantasy:

“We ran naked and free
Hugged twenty moist jungle trees
Our hair and the leaves were one
Our laughter and the rain and drums
Were one..
Were one..
We won!”


$iLveR GiRL said...

off topic,

U R COMING TO the next bloggers meeting, AREN'T YOU?

aMaL said...

not exactly tempted to