21 May 2007

..Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho..

It is known, at least in Bahrain, as “that story about the prostitute”. Many sexually repressed adults read it as an erotic novel. And although Coelho, at several instances in the book, was in his approach more metaphysical than physical, and more sensual than sexual, I guess it doesn’t really matter if we try to define what it is about.

The beauty of this book is that it touches a coy part in our hearts very delicately and directly. It relocates the position of sex to where so many of us seek it to be; from the tedious material aspect of it to spiritual pleasure. Since sex is such a vast and important matter to most of us, it is very interesting to observe various reactions to it.

Definitely a must read.

Have you read it? How did you find it?


Anonymous said...

The most boring book ive ever read.
Find something better to occupy ur time.

Issam said...

shit happens amal .. forget that comment

Seroo said...

Hey Amal...

To be honest, I didn't read the book, I find Coehlo bland and predictable after The Alchemist, not referring to some of his articles regarding the Iraq War which were touching... Otherwise, his books all preach the same hymns of self-realization and to me, it just became repetitive after a while...

But that's just opinion, I'm glad you liked it... (I'm quite picky like that)

Review something else! :)

aMaL said...

hey seroo.. i'm not exactly a huge fan of Coelho myself.. but I found Eleven Minutes fascinating.. Currently reading The Alchemist, and yes, I see that same self-realization pattern already… Should be done soon, will let you know what I think of it then..
Thanks for stopping by ;)