29 May 2007

Day Ate at My New Job

I'm in an office for four all by myself. It's freezing and the sounds of the air conditioner numbs and dumbs my mind. People pass by and give me weird looks for sitting all alone staring at the dull IBM laptop screen. I hate black laptops. I still can't find the window key. Maybe it does not exist here. Damn it.

I asked my boss a gazillion times to give me some tasks to no avail. Do you think he wants to get rid of me already? But i didn't even do anything yet.

Still fantasizing about taking that one-way random ticket and screaming like a frightened kid as I run out of this world to another dimension. Or Dubai.

Ah. What a sweet thought.


Anonymous said...

it's okay hun... Such days are the very same days that make other days worth it.
Plus firt days are always stressful.

I miss you alot, fatateem :D

aMaL said...

vvhat fatateeeem? :p

The Joker said...

Trust me.. nothing like one week in amsterdam.

aMaL said...

i bet!

aMaL said...

..or Amman ;)