18 April 2007

On Saviors and Chicken

In a world of no more messengers sent from the sky, in a world where human suffering is in an increase in the most brutal and disturbing ways, in a world where corruption is in drastic escalation, shallower heroes are crowned by the day.

It fascinates me more to realize how most people are becoming more passive nowadays and relying on “heroes” to light their way and to restore their hope in a better future.

Look around you. There is that religious scholar everyone follows blindly. There is that political activist everyone thinks is the bravest of all. There is that bold poet, active feminist author, the patriotic singer, the creative artist, the self-made millionaire, the clever manager, the faithful martyr, the guy with the new Porche, the father, the mother, the sibling, the husband and, rarely, the wife. Not to forget the fictional and historical figures who have been exploited like barren land.

They are all treated like gods, and sometimes even like royalty. They are the ones with that special audience that nods before it hears, and agrees without bothering a single brain cell. They are the ones whose pictures are on at least a gazillion walls, and when they talk “الكل يأكل تبن”.

Some of them don’t even want to be heroes. Yet they are trapped in one place for getting right. Those people are viewed as idols for their success and courage. Those people are used as a torch. Those sacred ones are burdened with the weakness of others. Does their audience realize that?

Their audience is passive. It would rather surrender to its hero, throw all responsibility of decision-making on them and follow blindly than use the nature-given nerve-filled piece of meat between its shoulders and be responsible.


Because it’s easier to do so. By doing that you are declaring yourself not fully responsible for your own set of believes nor your condemned actions. You are saving the hassle of having to think twice about things. You are avoiding dilemmas and increasing your excuses.

And you’re becoming not more than an uneducated narrow-minded submissive nodder. Splendid.


jess said...

I agree that people should not follow anyone blindly. I understand that people respect leaders of any field, but to not question any of their ideas or actions is ridiculous. nobody knows the ulterior motives of people with such power and impact. After all, humans are far from perfect, and they are as much prone to faulty judgment as we are.

nadia said...

I just realised that the lovely enTaiFah loves to rant, allbeit in a very articulate, interesting way that's fun to read. This got me thinking; perhaps a layer of what interests me so much IS the negativity.

Perhaps it's in our nature as intellectual animals to read and write negative things. Take the news - the most watched, read, and listened to source of information on the planet - it's almost 100% negativity. War, famine, shootings, crises.

In an attempt to absorb more positivity during my time at university I read a rather unpopular free newspaper called "the Good News" or something to that effect. I soon realised why it was so unpopular. It was so boring and forgettable that I'm not even sure this is its name!

Maybe reading happy news just doesn't cut it because we can't empathise so easily about happiness. Positive writing doesn't have the instant almost physical grab that negative writing does; it needs to be cloaked in literature or poetry to grab our interest; we appreciate it through artistic catharsis.

Maybe it's our inherent jealousy that causes this. An animal jealousy with its roots in the survival of the fittest. Or maybe it's the way negativity makes us take a step back and question ourselves, our behaviour and that of people around us that makes it so interesting.

moodz said...

A very interesting read, well presented thoughts. I however find the act of defining a leader, a savior or a person to associate with the righteous path of life both in terms of correctness and purity is as ancient as the human kind itself.

The primitive human being weak, needed something to explain the bizarre events of thunder, lightning, floods and so on they soon blamed it on the moon, the sun, the fire, made gods out of them and started praying and giving sacrifices.

Now that we no longer need explanations for the actions of mother-nature, with the evolvement of our needs from basic survival into the control and prosperity of the societies, It is only a norm to have this happening.

The liberal will follow X and dreams of turning their cities into New York or London, Islamicist will follow Y and dream of an Iran or Saudi Arabia.

The question shouldn’t really be of why the concept of a savior exists, but as to how we should use this for the good of us all.

Once a gain, a very good read.. Thanks for bringing this up!

Yaser said...

Never under estimate the power of stupidity in large numbers.

faceless said...

all i was thinking while reading your post was *religion religion religion*..
now, since i have to be politically correct i'll try to avoid talking about anything in specific.

I very much agree with what you said about the people who are "blindly-following-the-leader-no-
-be". I often wonder why people never question anything. I used to think that it was lack of education, then I thought that its that fear that they engraved in our souls out of their own fear (talking about teachers, family members, religious leaders, myths, grand parents, traditions.. etc)

till now, whenever i question anything out loud, i get that "ASTAGHFER ALLAH" "7ARAAAAM" "3AAAAIB" "BECAUSE HE SAYS SO" "THERE ARE THINGS YOU JUST DON'T QUESTION" "there are things that are too much for the human brain to understand, so you just must go with it".
thank goodness i was blessed with parents who give and take when i ask questions.

but more recently, I notice that people are lazy. I know that when you talk about followers, you mean big decisions and big needs. but a while ago you wrote a post about how your office colleagues were asking you to do things for them which were simple and stupid, i feel like its the same concept. its easier to depend on someone to make your decisions for you because you're just too lazy to think of the right thing to do. right? and then, when shit goes wrong, you never have to blame yourself..

lol, whenever i do something for someone, and after its in their hands they mess it up, they call me yelling about something going wrong. instead of being thankful that i helped...

honestly, I feel that a big reason for why most our people are followers rather than leaders (and especially in our generation) is because of our education system. there is no monitoring of the way the teachers teach. they rip their students of their self esteem, and they may also discipline them to follow orders like soldiers do, soldiers that are not allowed to make decisions. they teach them to memorize rather than think and understand. they are biased against the people who fail instead of helping them find a solution..
teachers are cruel people who release their frustration from their lives onto their students. they're people who go on power trips to cover up their lack of control and power in their own lives.. hahah amool, you know the teachers of the school we went to.. they're all mentally ill...

damn i hate people

p.s. sorry its long and sorry that I went totally out of the topic, but my fingers wouldn't stop..

Anonymous said...

Faceless, lets not go on our own merry trail blaming teachers and parents and friends and everyone else.

Cause of the problem: Lack of awareness, therefore dogma, therefore prescribed principles and beliefs.

Solution: Awareness.

Ammar456 said...

Thats pretty strong. And true infact; most don't realize how strongly we idolise a specific person, or character. I guess its what drives people nowadays.