02 April 2007

..if you..

..and if you wake up one day
And decide to walk away
My whole world might not fall apart
But I don’t want a world without you in it..


June said...

I don't want a world without him in it either :(

$iLveR GiRL said...

so it turns into a matter of live or die?

aMaL said...

It turns into a matter of not really liking it to do it but doing it anyway..

The instinct of survival is in each one of us; there is nothing us humans can’t go through..

It’s about preferring not to have to go through that tough one sometimes..

Seroo said...

non-post-related: thanks for your message hon, it feels so good to be home =) I'VE MISSED BUGUWA MAN!!! hee hee! =)