31 March 2007

Yucky You, Shameless Litterer!

There is a shameless, careless, selfish idiot who drives right in front of you every day. You may encounter them once, twice or several times a day. Most of the time you only see an arm swinging out of the window, with a tossed tissue paper, can of coke or any other piece of trash.

The poor drivers are too concerned about the inside hygiene of their goddamn cars that they simply find it extremely difficult to hold on to the tiny piece of garbage until they encounter the closest trashcan.

A basic sense of responsibility teaches you to respect the land you live on and not abuse it with litter. A basic appreciation for general hygiene cannot but make you respect that the world outside the window of your car is actually not a dumpster, but rather a land that people walk on, eat from and wish to enjoy its cleanliness.

Shame on you if you toss things out of your car. Shame on you if you dump rubbish at the beach, in the parking lot, and anywhere that is not officially a rubbish container.

Not everyone does it. You do not have an excuse. Please keep the Earth clean. Especially Bahrain.

Tip: Next time you find a small empty grocery bag in your hand, please keep it in your car for such uses.

Note: Interested in making our beaches cleaner? Click here.


tito84 said...

What a pity. People's driving manners and environmental responsibility are changing to the worse and thank you for this eye opening post!

Ammar456 said...

the thing is, when you actually TRY to be clean, people look at you wierd. When i first came back from the US (obviously affected by the way they do things), I went to seef with a friend. We ate lunch in the food court and after we were done, i picked up my tray and threw the trash in the bin. My friend looked at me like "what the hell are you doing?".. Even one of the cleaners there gave me a wierd look, like "hey, stop taking away my job!"


aMaL said...

i get the surprised looks as well.. but we're a culture of monkey see, monkey do.. so you never know how many dirty monkeys you're inspiring!