02 February 2007

..hazy red candles..

Hazy red candles
After the bridge
Drifted right
Like a herd
Of drunken ghosts

Cherries slid
On my windshield
As a market of raindrops
Melted on my tongue

A sweet scent,
Peaches and strawberries and apples,
Fled its crystal bottle
To dance in the ball..

No one else glimpsed the candles,
No one tasted the cherries with her,
No one melted
In the scrumptiousness of the moment
Except her misty heart ..

So she watched the sunrise alone,
She sang her songs in pain,
She spread hope on the clouds
On the wet asphalt,
On the damp pillows
And she slept
And wept

1st February 2007


N said...

you've clearly put a lot of thought/effort into this... extremely thought provoking and creative. you will have to give me an anlysis session though. well done (again).

aMaL said...

thank you, but writers do not analyze their own writings.. if you decode a poem, you're breaking it apart..

use your own imagination and view it like you wish.. there's no such thing as the truth..

Ali said...

nice ... me like

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SoulSearch said...

Hey entaifah,
I love the creative structure of your poems. They seriously sway with the power of the words you choose. Look forward to reading more of your poems and posts.