13 February 2007

..For V Day..

"I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
[...] I hope you dance.."
- Lee Ann Womack
Though us single ones might be too scared of the nauseating red roses and evil heart-shaped chocolates, though the hooked might be too lazy, though the whatever are too whatever, love still conquers all and leaves all our knees wobbling on the ground and our hearts somersaulting in the sweet air..

I wish you all love of yourselves.
I wish you love of nature.
I wish you love of others.
..and I wish you joy and peace..

Have a sweet Valentine’s..


Gardens of Sand said...

Entaifah, I see your name on Bahrain Blogs and wonder if you are really an entaifah (every time, your name prompts a smile.) Wonderful name!!!

I hope you dance is one of my favorite tunes. As corny as this sounds, I always imagine singing it to my future children. The words are so heartfelt and poignant.

Happy V day, girl!


PS: Red roses are so overrated!

aMaL said...

I loathe red roses too.. too easy, too lazy..!

Happy V day to you too!!

P.S. I am really entaifah ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day MoOoOoL..

but me love roses :p