21 February 2007

..cursed city..

A city of trees
Rained upon, glimmering
Of pavements,
Silver and fresh
Of herds of golden clouds
And their piercing icy breath
A city of a million smiles hidden
Beyond the lustful smell of death

For there is
A mighty, ruthless, monster
Who steels sparks from children’s eyes
And snatches the soft touches of lovers
And puffs gloom
Through the moon
Each night..

A city, cursed with cruel ideas
Penetrating the most lovesome hearts
Loss is the theme
Dry tears are the music
When humanity, from humans, departs..

13th January 2006

P.S. Photo borrowed from here


samora said...

Ohhhh amola.. this is not a comment, i just wanted to say that i love wayyeed and i'll miss you.. i love everything about you..your smile , the way you talk and espcially the way you write... Love you

eshda3wa said...

i really liked it :)
its good