15 January 2007

What is Red?

If you haven’t ever heard my Red Polka Dot Dress story, then you should:

Last summer I was into a girly dress phase. One of my ever-so-famous dresses was a short red polka dot one, which I wore for work almost every week during the summer. Totally in love with it. It needed a pin though to keep a certain part of it from falling.

So, there I was one day at Mango, in line to pay for a tiny blue scarf (which I never ever wore), and I was examining the accessories on display while waiting for my turn. I found a beautiful star-shaped red pin with matching earrings and a necklace.

“I remember that I need a pin,” I said to myself, “but what colour do I need?”

“Hummm.. what’s the colour of my red dress?”

I sat there for ten minutes, contemplating on whether I should risk it and buy the set without being sure about it matching the red dress I forgot the colour of.

“Oh, I’ll be adventurous this time and get it anyway. I can always buy something new that is red,” I decided.

It was only 15 minutes later that it hit me how extremely and unbelievably idiotic I was..


samoora said...

hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah so funny

Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmm.. hummmm.. hummmm!

what would match with your red dress?!!!! Hummmmmm?! Ahhh!!!

hehehehehe :D NAHFEH!! :P

aMaL said...

hummm.. oh how i wonder..!

Ammar456 said...

Dont let it get to you too much. You women are just made like that (shield head and prepare for female attack)