13 January 2007

..to M..

Q. How do I know that I am writing about someone who means a lot to me?

A. When I spend days trying to arrange the most articulate bouquet of words to best describe how I feel about that special someone, and no matter how hard I try, it still turns out to be very very lame, and I still manage to embarrass myself by sharing it with the world..

..to M..

Shooting stars burst
From every syllable he utters
A quilt of jasmines dance
Around me
Around us

And if my dewy eyes
Behold his neck again
I will dive in his flesh
Like an escaping flame
I shall burn with him
I shall light his skin
I shall be
His ultimate happiness..

His soul puffs sweetness..
My dreams,
In his eyes,
Come true..
I can see them coming
The silver clouds
The endless rainbows
The childlike cheer
The piano beats
The absolute insanity
The nonsensical chatter
The magical flow of fate..
I can see them coming..

Three more rainfalls,
The book said,
Three more rainfalls,
And you shall not shed
A tear not of joy again..

12th Jan 2006