07 January 2007


So I'm back from my holiday, which was the best ever.. It was freezing in Amman, which made it very warm here..
Below are quick points made about my trip.. Enjoy!

Theme songs:
What did I do in Jordan?
  • I got together with all my fun and loving friends, met many new people and made new friends..
  • New year party crazy; we were under the illusion that we'll be celebrating the eve at a classy building called Zara, instead ended up in the 3 star Darotel, Shmeisani, in a hall with no more than 4 tables and a dancefloor. It was the best new year party I ever had nonetheless. Nonstop dancing til 4:30 in the morning..
  • It snowed! Nothing like snowflakes on your cheeks.. and on the frontyard.
  • Attended a concert where a group of local young musicians skillfully played a unique selection of Arabic songs. Shu Hal Eyam, in its earlier phase, used to play on a pavement in Jabal Lwaibdeh, Amman and gradually started gaining more success and widening its fan base. I wish each one of them all the best.
  • I caught a terrible, terrible cold (still in bed because of it), but it didn't matter much because:
  • I met the sweetest person alive on my farewell party. We spent hours and hours talking.. he put the widest smile on my face and brought joy to me merely by knowing him.. and though it's a pity we didn't meet earlier, I find it precious to have laid eyes on and chatted with such an incredible person..
  • I got the above painting from a drunken painter who messed up his canvas in anger after a failed attempt to draw godknowswhat.
  • I had mlookheye!
  • Someone fell head over heels for me.. and it made me blush like a twelve year old..
  • This is my friend's painting on a wall at Jafra Cafe, Amman.. Kharkhar, you rock!
  • Made the best New Year resolution: to care more about myself and less about others, and guess what, I've been happy with it!
  • I QUIT SMOKING!!!!!! Not a single fag for two weeks..
That's all for now.. It's good to be back to the island relaxed and happy.. I can't wait to recover and jump into life again with all my energy and optimism!


Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Well, I didn't know you blog either.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday. it was really nice meetinh you :)

Boory said...

I MISSED YOU! get well soon my lovely beautiful little one

aMaL said...

ala'a.. was a pleasure meeting you too.. especially after discovering your exquisite passion for dancing..

boory.. missed you too.. see you soon..!

moody said...

Hey Entaifoooooooooon , we missed yer gutz over here , thought u'd never come back oi ?

glad to know you had fun over there , and How on earth did u manage to quit smoking , im impressed :D

Good to know u care about your self now , you should have done this ages ago , but never too late .

good to have you back hun .

aMaL said...

i'd always come back, moody, i'm nothing without this country..
i just quit smoking all of a sudden because i, literally, got sick of it.. no secret formula..
good luck to you!

Anon said...

"Someone fell head over heels for me.. and it made me blush like a twelve year old" .. hmmmmmm .. naughty comment with naughty intention ;)