09 January 2007

Launching My Anti-Negativity Campaign

Do you often complain about the weather? Too hot? Too cold?

Do you complain about how there’s nothing to do in Bahrain, how “boring” it is?
Do you criticize a million people before you look at yourself twice in the mirror?
Do you think you’re too fat because you put on half an invisible kilo?
Do you think you’re not making enough money? Your car isn’t new enough? You’re clothes aren’t trendy enough? Your savings are low..?


Ok let’s try this again:

Did you lose a relative in a war?
Did you have a heart attack at the age of 22?
Do you have a brother who’s a drug addict?
A sister with a mental illness?
A deceased mother?
A father you don’t know?
Have you been repeatedly tortured and beaten? Raped?


Do you have warm water to bathe in?
Do you have fresh water to drink?
Do you have clean food to eat?
Do you have more than one shabby jacket to survive the winter in?
Do you have a roof above your head to protect you from the oh-so-boiling sun?
Medicine when you’re sick?


Then shut your fucking mouth up and don’t come complaining to me about how you’re such a miserable person, because you’re not.


moody said...

U have a good point and i agree ...
I do whine from time to time , specially about our roads planning & the internet connection :P
but Generally positive , i noticed that most of ("Bahrainis") are trapped in negativity and what follows it .

not to mention people making fun of other people , pointing at them before looking @ themselves , i do tell my friends that its wrong to do this & wot do i get ? yes , Ze finger .

oh well ... Ze Negative country :P
I like it !

am i being negative too ... ?

Anonymous said...

"Then shut your fucking mouth up and don’t come complaining to me about how you’re such a miserable person, because you’re not." hehehe Mool you cracked me up :p

so true.. like your logic ;)

hey la akoon ana a negative person :D

Anonymous said...

صح .. إحنه دائما سلبيين .. لا وننتقد الغير لانهم سلبيين ومانشوف روحنا ولا نلاحظ كلامنا وشكثر سلبي... وصح احنه البحرينيين بالذات جداً سلبيين ولا ننظر نظره ايجابيه حق اي شي دائما يكون انطباعنا الاول سلبي عن اي شي وكل شي..
بصراحه اموله آنه جدا آحب فيج ايجابيتج وروحج الحلوه.. مواااح

samoora said...

the anonymous one tara me.. sorry

Anonymous said...

so true! :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I think that the general lack of interesting events in our lives in Bahrain has made us all extremely introspective and created the whole "mountain out of a molehill" mentality in which every little setback is a major issue. And, of course, when one has "major issues" one must complain about them and spread the negativity.

I agree though. We all need to cut the crap.

aMaL said...

i'm glad we agree on this.. now this brings hope!

..but June, i don't think we lack interetesting events, it's all in how we view and analyze our surroundings..